Pray Without Ceasing

Behind every good Pastor and behind every good church is a Praying Congregation.

We have several opportunities for Prayer Ministries at WayPointe.

If a prayer request is made known to the church office it is given to Forrest Drummond and he will send it out as an email to our list of Prayer Warriors.  If you are not on the list and you would like to be…Contact the church office at 510-234-4395  or click the button below.

 We also have faithful Prayer Warriors meeting every Sunday Morning at 9:45 prior to the Worship Service.  Our purpose is to pray for our Church Service, including Pastor Chris, the worship team, volunteers, teachers and leaders.  We also take time to pray for those who are sick.  As we talk and discuss the activities going on in our country and the world and we ask God to give wisdom and guidance to our leaders and whatever else God lay’s on our hearts. 

Please, join us in prayer!